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20 Years Later: OBS, Innovation, and the Frankfurt Book Fair

From October 8-12, OBS president Laura Fillmore will be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. A major conference in the publishing industry, last year’s Fair hosted over 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 nations; more than 9,000 journalists; and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

One of the hot topics at this year’s Fair is children’s and young adult media, an increasingly dynamic and influential sector of both the consumer and educational publishing markets. OBS specializes in customized digital publishing solutions for scientific and educational publishers, so we are excited to see what innovations make their debut in Frankfurt.

This year OBS has its eye towards innovation, as 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the very first online rights auction that was spearheaded and conducted by OBS at the 1994 Frankfurt Book Fair. That was one of many Internet firsts for OBS in the early ‘90s, and in some ways, we have now come full circle: where in 1992 we launched the first online book store, and in 1993 we cleared the first credit card over the Internet, today we manage print and ebook creation, distribution, and sale online through customized digital publishing solutions. We have also added new products to our quiver of publishing tools over the years, including cloud-based content management systems and translation memory. Throughout the many changes our industry has undergone in all these years, our mission and vision at OBS remain the same: content-driven innovation is, and has been, the future of publishing in the digital age.

Contact us today to learn more about OBS, or to schedule an appointment with Ms. Fillmore at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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