OBS began publishing and building Internet applications and web sites for schools when dew still sparkled on the Internet. You can trust OBS’s more than 30-year history of innovation and accomplishment. Consider some of our “firsts” from the early days of the Internet:

  • First trade book about the Internet, 1992
  • First online bookstore on the Internet, 1992
  • First “live online” poetry reading, by Pulitzer Prize–winning poet John Ashbery, 1992
  • First “Internet Start Up Booth” at the American Booksellers Association Show, 1992
  • First company to publish Stephen King online, 1993
  • First online virtual book signing, 1993
  • First sale of online content by clearing a credit card online, 1993
  • First online rights auction at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 1994

Visit our archives for a trip down memory lane, when the Mosaic browser was redefining the way we thought, and link editing and licensing opened up whole new domains of interconnectedness.