Case Study: interRAI

Content Imperative

interRAI is a not-for-profit, international network of medical practitioners and research professionals committed to improving health care for persons who are elderly, frail, or disabled. Its goal is to set the global standard in assessment and evaluation of care across a variety of health and social services settings. For many years, interRAI’s publications have been widely used yet not consistently recognized: “Everyone uses them, but no one knows where they come from.” interRAI turned to OBS to formalize and standardize its publications and publishing process, and to implement corporate branding throughout all publications in all languages. To reach the global market, OBS built a Publications Portal for worldwide distribution using print-on-demand fulfillment. Behind the scenes, OBS created a toolset of editorial and design style sheets to facilitate translation and localization. In spring 2011, OBS developed and launched interRAI’s own customized and branded e-bookstore.

“When I look back at what we were trying to do at the outset in terms of professionalizing our organization through publications, you guys have done it in spades.” –Dr. Brant Fries, PhD, President of interRAI Board of Directors

OBS’s Role

  • Creative and business model consultation for reaching the global market
  • Electronic and print publishing program development
  • Global print on demand (POD) management and fulfillment
  • Development and management of backend content repository
  • Information design and branding
  • Editorial and web project management
  • Editorial services, including translation/localization, copyediting, composition, and proofreading
  • Creation of InDesign templates using Mac/PC fonts for low-cost editions
  • Development of customized open source web site and online shopping cart
  • Creation of customized e-bookstore, complete with unique branding, business model and marketing widgets