Case Study: OEM Press

OEM Press needed a digital publishing strategy both for backend content management and outward-facing content delivery online. OBS provided needs analysis, use case development, and digital consultation. OBS identified potential vendors and assisted OEM in the vendor selection process. We then supported the implementation stage, providing consult to OEM management and staff in customizing, populating, and launching their online delivery portal.

“We never would have gotten this far, this fast, without OBS.” —Curtis Vouwie, Publisher, OEM Press

Content Imperative

Increasingly across the publishing industry, and especially in the medical space, digital content is a “must” for publishers. For OEM Press, whose specialization is occupational and environmental medicine, making their content accessible as widely as possible is an important aspect of their business model. Now more than ever, OEM readers seek to read OEM content online on their PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

OBS worked with OEM Press to oversee this crucial yet complex transition from producing print-only books to integrating digital content into their publishing workflows. This highly collaborative process started with a technology profile, needs analysis, and use cases, and involved frequent open discussions with OEM. OBS outlined a custom digital publishing strategy for OEM Press based on their unique content, needs, staff, and budget. Employing an agile approach, OBS refined this strategy as we came to better understand the content, workflows, file formats, and individuals involved in OEM’s publication process. Within a few weeks, OBS produced a project plan outlining every step in the process, from selecting and contracting with one of the recommended software vendors to launching OEM’s e-book storefront. Then OBS contributed to the implementation process as needed, in both a consultative and hands-on role, ensuring that communication among OEM staff and vendor teams was smooth, that goals were met, and that timelines were adhered to. Now OEM Press is selling its digital content directly, and content is accessible online for PCs, laptops, and all mobile devices.

OBS’s Role

  • Needs analysis and development of project plan for OEM digital
  • Use case development
  • Identification of OEM titles to include in pilot project
  • Researching, vetting, and reviewing contracts for 3 potential software vendors
  • Consultation and hands-on participation in the implementation process, as needed


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