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Agile Publishing

“Agile Publishing” is the theme at this year’s George Washington University Summer Publishing Institute, where master’s degree candidates in GWU’s new Master of Professional Studies in Publishing program finish up their degrees. Students are learning about customer-centric approaches to publishing in the new and rapidly evolving online environment, and how other publishers are coping with the real-time demands to give their readers what they demand—online content—while maintaining successful print businesses. How will our 500-year-old print industry rise to this immediate and compelling challenge, and survive to prosper amid such drastic changes? Lively discussions lead one student to announce that she’s learned so much and is so jazzed up that she’ll network with the other students she’s met here and start her own company rather than wait for the traditional publishing industry to catch on. OBS serves on the Advisory Board for this program, and gives presentations on “The Top Ten Traits of Agile Publishing,” “Scrumming and other Production Techniques,” and “Content as a Service.”

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