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Alzheimer’s “Preventative treatment” gene discovered with help of interRAI assessment tools

The journal Nature recently published findings of a rare genetic mutation that protects people against Alzheimer’s disease. The new evidence is the strongest yet that excessive levels of a normal brain substance, beta amyloid, are to blame for the disease and may lead to new discoveries on how it can be prevented. With the help of interRAI assessment tools, using data being collected for over ten years in Iceland,  the study was able to build a “super-control” group (people who demonstrated remarkably stable cognitive function) against others suffering from the disease.  This “super-control” group was found to have a mutation in the APP gene, acting as nature’s “preventative treatment” against Alzheimer’s.  The discovery has led to renewed hope that anti-amyloid drugs that are already under development might alter the disease’s course, or prevent it altogether. The study also demonstrates the many uses of interRAI assessment data.

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