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Celebrate 1st National Download Day With Your E-Reader or Tablet

Lulu.com has announced that the first annual National Download Day will be December 26, 2011—a day that Lulu predicts will be the highest traffic shopping day for e-reader and tablet content. With Amazon selling over a million Kindles a week and Apple and Barnes & Noble selling tablets at alarming speed this holiday season, it’s hard not to believe that traditional Boxing Day may turn into Download Day. Lulu believes that the day after Christmas, when millions of people unwrap their new e-reader or tablet (over 24.5 million sold this holiday season, according to IMS Research), they will immediately want to start to download content. With over a million talented and established authors selling e-content this season—such as Rockport’s own Ingeborg Lauterstein—on sites such as Lulu, we are about to see a new trend in virtual holiday giving. According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales are expected to double year after year. As an indicator of this trend, Lulu’s total e-book volume has increased 22% in 2011. We wish all of our readers a successful and rewarding National Download Day!

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