In Context: Factory Trawlers vs. Wooden Dories

Today we sent to the printer our latest book, Dr. John Morris’s Alone at Sea: Gloucester in the Age of the Dorymen (1623-1939) (Commonwealth Editions, Beverly, Mass.). Stunningly beautiful, thoroughly researched, and comprehensive (448 pages with 76 period photographs and maps), the book chronicles America’s premier fishing port during the age of sail — starting with Morris’s

Joseph E. Garland, author of over 20 books…

Joseph E. Garland, author of over 20 books, and a venerable “old soldier” from the US 45th Infantry Division, is 85 years old today. Since meeting Joe 15 years ago, OBS has republished one of his books, The Gloucester Guide, and today continues to serve as “catalyst” in getting his WWII platoon’s story,Unknown Soldiers, published, whether