Accessibility>ASCII: ADA Expected To Get New Teeth in July

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was introduced in 1990, compliance for the hearty band of e-publishing pioneers at that time meant converting desktop publishing files and HTML files into plain ASCII, to render their content machine-readable, thus offering disabled readers the  “full and equal enjoyment” of their content, as well as the “effective

Common Core Controversy: Opt Out or Rebrand?

Last year, the roll out of the multi-state Common Core Standards in the New York state public education system ignited major controversy. Many parents were surprised to hear that the Common Core had been implemented in their children’s schools. They were frustrated at the lack of official communication on the matter, too: the schools and

American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting in San Diego

At the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting in San Diego, the new international Editorial Board of “Young’s Effects Online” convenes for the first time, with distinguished doctors and scientists from around the world—India, Germany, Sweden, and the United States—collaborating on this lifesaving resource. “Young’s Effects” serves as a dashboard to some 50 years