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Turning “user-pay” on its head: A new business model for reading digitally

The proliferation of e-content has opened up a world unlike anything seen in traditional publishing. One company, Total BooX, has created a truly innovative business model, allowing you access to ebooks for free, and only charging you for the content you actually read. It’s an app for tablets and mobile devices, allowing you to browse books, download files, and create your own virtual bookshelf for free. You set up an account with a credit-balance, which is decremented, page-by-page, as you read books. The idea behind the business model is simple: it gives readers the chance to discover new books without paying full price for a book that they may never read. Instead of buying a whole book or a time-limited license to a digital file, you purchase only what you actually read. You can start a book and leave it and never go back, and pay only pennies; alternatively, if you finish a book and have paid full price, you can re-read without any additional costs. You can gift books to your friends and apply the same business model – only paying if and when they read the book! Total BooX is launching this summer.

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