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Unknown Soldiers released to early acclaim; multimedia offerings bring one platoon’s experience of World War II to life

The latest endeavor of Protean Press, Joseph E. Garland’s Unknown Soldiers: Reliving World War II in Europe, is hot off the press. This collective memoir of the author’s Intelligence & Reconnaissance platoon, which staked out the front lines of battles through Sicily, Italy, southern France, and Germany, has been more than 60 years in the making. It weaves together Garland’s own wartime journal entries, his memories looking back on the war, and interviews with his comrades and with a survivor of Dachau, which was liberated by his outfit.

The official release date is November 11, but meanwhile, signed copies of the book are on sale now through the book’s website. The website’s podcast offerings will add an extra dimension to readers’ experience of the work: audio excerpts of Joe reading his own words, interspersed with clips from his original interviews with buddies, many of whom had remained silent about their war until Joe came to talk about it in the 1970s, bourbon and tape recorder in hand.

Already, Unknown Soldiers has garnered a starred review in Library Journal, which calls it “highly engaging … an excellent narrative history of the [U.S. 45th Infantry] division during World War II, as well as a personal reckoning. A must have for any World War II collection, especially those focusing on war memoirs.”

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