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World’s 1st Online Book Store Announces Comeback at Frankfurt

Open Book Systems has been innovating from within the publishing industry since 1982. “OBS” originally stood for “Online BookStore,” the first online book store on the internet in 1992, and now, we are revisiting what it means to publish online. The new Online BookStore will provide publishers with a secure “sandbox” environment for experimenting with their online content while also maintaining control of pricing and customer information.

The Online BookStore will offer customers the options of e-book content and sales and fulfillment of traditional print books, as well as Print-On-Demand solutions, including the Electronic Book Machine. Our end-to-end solution gives publishers the opportunity to make their content – frontlist, backlist, or experimental new publications — available immediately worldwide, in multiple formats. With low-risk business models, we at OBS invite publishers to get their feet wet and begin the 21st Century publishing experiment in real time.


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