Case Study: Hawkins Point Partners


Hawkins Point Partners reached out to OBS seeking assistance in upgrading the old edition of WordPress software on their company website, while still maintaining the website’s design, look and feel, and functionality. They also requested recommendations for a new, managed host. While Hawkins Point was satisfied with the appearance and functionality of their current website, they found that a one-click software upgrade was not possible: the website’s design templates were not compatible with the latest edition of WordPress.

After analyzing Hawkins Point’s website and design templates, OBS provided a detailed cost estimate to migrate to a new edition of the WordPress software. As Project Manager, OBS oversaw the construction of new design templates that mimicked the look, feel, and functionality of the old website within the new software. We also recommended a new managed host to Hawkins Point, and negotiated the contract with them. Finally, OBS oversaw the go-live process and conducted thorough testing to confirm that the new website looked and functioned correctly within the new software environment.

“OBS delivered value for our firm. During the entire process, they listened and responded by delivering high quality work. And they did it with a professionalism and credibility that aligns so well with our culture. I consider them a valuable partner.” —Steve Mersky, EVP and Co-Founder, Hawkins Point Partners

OBS’s Role:

  • Analyze current software and design templates
  • Provide detailed cost estimate and recommend procedure for upgrade
  • Identify new managed host and oversee contract negotiation
  • Create new design templates to mimic client-approved look, feel, and functionality
  • Oversee managed host in go-live process
  • Conduct thorough testing of live site
  • Provide detailed notes and documentation to client on new software and host
  • Complete project on time and on budget!



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