Case Study: Young’s Effects Online (AACC)

Content Imperative

The lead author of the best-selling reference book series, Young’s Effects, sought to develop an international editorial board of eminent pathologists to extend his more than thirty years of research into a vital and growing global resource, which is available not only to doctors but also to anyone whose life depends on the correct interpretation of a laboratory test.

Young’s Effects Online is now a comprehensive, current, multi-authored database site featuring the latest information on the effects of drugs, diseases, herbs, and preanalytical conditions on clinical lab tests. This information is a lifesaving resource. During beta testing, medical professionals changed prescriptions for their patients based on information found at Young’s Effects Online.

Note that Young’s Effects Online has been sold by AACC to a U.S.-based medical publisher, and OBS is working with that publisher to re-publish the valuable database.

OBS’s Role

  • Business model development
  • Project management for an international author/editor group
  • Information design to merge multiple sites while preserving brand identity
  • Engineering of a multi-author content management system (CMS) that functions both offline and online
  • Author and editor support and coordination
  • Online sales and marketing
  • Running focus groups
  • Managed hosting
  • International customer support (by telephone and e-mail)


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