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OM or ADD?

Ever stop to wonder what’s behind the current Yoga craze? It seems like the number of practitioners has been growing by some 20% a year in the USA; “Statistics Brain” tells us that $27 billion was spent on Yoga products in the USA alone in the last year.
It might be interesting to correlate the growth in Yoga practice with the amount of time we spend online in today’s ADD-rich environment of interruption, aka “the Internet.” PDAs and Yoga mats: they do seem to balance one another out. “Emarketer” reports that in 2013, online usage outpaced TV viewing for the first time. The most significant growth was in mobile; apparently the average US adult spends almost 2.5 hours a day thumbing in to a universe accessible only through a personal, pocket-sized, rectangular plastic screen! Buzzable at all times, anxious about not being “liked,” tweeting and trending – it’s exhausting!

Yoga offers us a return to the natural, non-electronic rhythms of breath, restores calm to the frenzied brain. There are no pockets in Yoga pants and I’ve never seen a student surreptitiously texting during class.


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