Speed Reading: A Game Changer

Want to read a novel, but don’t have much time? Thanks to the latest technology in mobile reading, now you can – without Cliff’s Notes, and without skipping a single word.

Rapid serial visual presentation is a trend among app developers to enhance and streamline the mobile reading experience. The idea is to tweak the format and appearance of words so that they are more closely aligned with the eye’s natural movements while reading. The “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP), or the point at which our brain unravels a jumble of letters and identifies a word, is just to the left of the center of each word.

New mobile reading app Spritz, set to be released on Samsung devices, takes rapid serial visual presentation to a new level by identifying the ORP of each word, highlighting it in red, and presenting it always in the same space on the screen of your mobile device. The result is that our eyes do not move as we read: we process word meanings instantaneously, instead of breaking down and processing each individual word on its own.

It is difficult to imagine what this looks like and how it works, so click here and scroll down to see Spritz demos at 250, 350, and 500 words per minute. The upshot is, the mobile reading game – and really, the way we observe, process, and remember information that we read – has fundamentally changed.

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